A History of Florida Attractions with Photos and Memorabilia. 

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Chiefland (1960–1974)

Dog Land was founded in 1960 between Chiefland and Old Town by Kentucky dog breeders Bob Shetterly, Vincenzo Calvaresi and C. J. Wade, head of the Lexington Kennel Club. They convinced 32 other dog enthusiasts to invest in the attraction. Dog Land’s purpose was to showcase the 113 different breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club at that time.

Dog Land covered eight acres with an entrance on US Highway 19/98 that featured a giant sign in the shape of a dog. Each dog had its own “house” which included a patio and breezeway. A grooming salon was also located at the attraction. The dogs were supplied by leading breeders across the country, paying for the privilege to have their dog on display (visitors to Dog Land could place an order to purchase a dog from any of these breeders).

In 1965 a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant was opened next to the entrance and its gift shop was expanded to include ceramics and garden supplies. Future plans for the attraction included a Dog Hall of Fame and a Greyhound training track, but Dog Land closed in the early 1970s.

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